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101 Worry Free Recipes

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101 Worry Free Recipes, by: Leanne Mennemeier & Linda Prinster

This book contains 101 recipes for beverages, fruits, salad dressings, seasoning mixes, salads, soups, vegetables, and entrees eaten during the Very Low Calorie Phase (Phase 2 or P2) of the Hcg Diet Protocol.  Don’t get bored with food choices!  Use these recipes which boast great taste, yet strict adherence to Dr. Simeons/Trudeau HCG Diet Protocols.  Also, included, are hints and tips from experts on the Hcg Diet.

1 review for 101 Worry Free Recipes

  1. Kiley
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    Here’s a soup recipe for all kinds of grenes. I just made it tonight with the kale and turnip grenes and it’s great!2 lbs grenes, washed and tougher stems removed, torn if large1 onion, chopped3 cloves garlic, minced2 cups broth or watergaram masala, about 2 teaspoonscurry powder, about 1 tablespooncumin seeds, about 1 teaspoon1 1/2 cups yogurt2 cups cooked white riceSaute the onion in oil til softened. Add garlic and spices to taste, saute 1 minute. Add grenes, salt to taste, and broth or water and cook until grenes are tender (15-45 minutes depending on the type), adding more water if necessary. Let cool for bit, then puree in a food processor or blender. Stir in yogurt and rice. This soup tastes best warm or at room temperature (rather than hot). If you do decide to reheat it, do so gently so as not to curdle the yogurt.

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